Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Foto Bugil Anak SMA Hot

anak sma
Foto Bugil Anak SMA Hot
Anak SMA, pose in highschool uniform.
Left to right: Yuanita, Trixie, Cynthia.

Anak SMA was formed in 2004 by Trixie. The original member is Trixie, Devi and Lita. Only a few months later, Lita resign from Anak SMA and replaced by Cynthia. At the recording proccess of their first album, Devi announced that she will no longer with Anak SMA. Rumour spread that Devi suspect Trixie was unfair in dividing their contract money. Both Trixie and Devi denied this rumour, but Devi still leave Anak SMA and quickly replaced by Yuanita, because recording contract forced Anak SMA to finish their songs in 3 months.

Their first album titled 'Anak SMA in Love' sold out more than 1 million copies and awarded 2 platinum. Trixie, Devi and Lita become new idol of Indonesian teenagers.