Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Foto Bugil Jenny Cortez Hot

jenny cortez hot
Foto Bugil Jenny Cortez Hot
Playing in the movie Air Terjun Pengantin and Pemburu Hantu, Jenny Cortez become one of the hot and famous Indonesian artists. Her beautiful eyes and sexy look become magnet for the boys.

There are a story about Jenny Cortez when she was a little child. One morning at school, she comes late because she didn't feel well. Her teacher punish her by standing in front of the class.

Jenny Cortez feel sick but still stand until she almost become unconscious. She didn't know that one boy in the class is giving attention to her and know that she's not feeling well.

The boy quickly stand up and angrily shouted to the teacher to let Jenny Cortez back to her seat. The teacher surprised, become very mad to the boy and told him to stand with Jenny Cortez in front of the class.

All their classmates laugh at them, but the boy didn't care. She hold Jenny Cortez so she didn't fell down. Hours passed and Jenny Cortez had been unconscious. The boy still stand and hold her with his hands, not letting Jenny to fell down to the floor.

Finally, when the class over, the boy took her bag and walk her home, holding her along the road.

The story become the sweetest memory of Jenny Cortez of her best childhood friend. Whether this story is true or not, only Jenny knows.