Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Mengintip Tante Anna Telanjang Dalam Air

tante anna
Mengintip Tante Anna Telanjang Dalam Air
I met Tante Anna two years ago when I was on vacation in Bali. I'm not really want to go there, but my boss insisted that I need some rest and go vacation. I'm a bit workaholic, at least that's what my friends said. But to think of it, I don't feel like a workaholic. I just did what I have to do as my job and I think everyone should do the same, do whatever become their responsibility.

At first, I feel very bored because I was alone in Bali. Sleeping in hotel room, swimming in the beach or take a walk on the sand doesn't really makes me feel good. I want to go back to my office and work, work, work.

When I was sitting alone in the beach, don't know what to do, suddenly a woman approaches me and asked if she could sit along. I'm not taking too much attention on her so I just let her sit beside me.

She introduce herself as Tante Anna and she's alone in Bali, bored as I am. We talk for almost a couple of hours, then she asked if I could be her company while in Bali, so we both didn't get bored. I agree, for it's much better than being alone here.

We spent the next few days together. Swimming, take a walk around Bali, and become good friend. When my vacation over, she gave me her number so I can contact her other times. Our friendship still good until now.